Welcome Bonuses

Despite the fact that casinos are the quintessence of gambling for money, as strange as it may sound now, it is often possible to play for free. How to do it? Well, with the help of various welcome and no deposit bonuses, which we will talk about today.


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Welcome bonus1500€ + 150 FS
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Fresh Casino

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Sol Casino

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1xSlots Casino

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No deposit bonusn/a
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A welcome bonus is a promotion that is given to players who come to play at a casino for the first time. Keep in mind that bonuses vary from casino to casino, and in some establishments, there is no such thing as a welcome bonus or no deposit bonuses. Of course, it’s difficult to find such casinos, but they do exist. All gambling establishments are trying to attract as many players as possible, because it’s the basis of their profit. Welcome bonuses are a great to attract new blood.

Any good casino in Canada stakes on satisfying the requests of both newcomers and avid players. Of course, the basis of casino profits are high rollers and professional gamblers, who, making huge and risky bets, increase the prestige of the casino and bring a lot of money. But every newcomer can be turned into such a high roller over time. Many casinos know this.

Now let’s take a closer look at the welcome bonuses.

Welcome bonuses variety

So, as a welcome bonus casino administration can give the player:

Just money to the account – Usually we are talking about 5-20 CAD – depending on the casino. The bigger the casino, the bigger the reward is usually

Motivation to play on some projects – Most often, these welcome bonuses are given in the form of a promocode, which the player must activate on the casino website in personal account section. Bonus percentages may not be available for many games – all this information should be clarified with support team

Freespins – A type of bonus, which everyone wants. Freespins can be different numbers. And their usage is also strictly limited by time.

Are welcome bonuses really that useful

Yes and no. Before you take away any bonus from the casino, you should thoroughly study its wagering conditions. Because in some cases they are pretty bad. To say the least.

What do we mean? Well, for example, in many casinos no deposit bonus has too high wagering ratio. It’s okay if it does not exceed 30 or 40 X, but any value above that will be very difficult to wager even if you are a professional player who knows literally everything about casino mechanics. X is the designation of the wager. Suppose the coefficient on the wagering bonus is x40. If you were credited 10 CAD as a welcome bonus, you must multiply that number like 40 times. To get such a welcome bonus, you would need about 400 CAD.

Sure, this is not a small amount. But in fact, such money is quite realistic to win back.

It should be noted that not all of the bets you make will be credited. The most stringent way casino operators restrict no deposit bonuses. What do we mean? In the description of any bonus in appropriate casinos in Canada there is detailed information about how this exact bonus be wagered: on which machines, and what is the maximum bet amount. It is highly discouraged to try to cheat when wagering the welcome bonus or any other bonus. If the administration suspects something is amiss, they will take the promotion away from you. Or they might even block you permanently. And do not think that the administration treats their work negligently – in good Canadian casinos there are only first-class employees, who thoroughly check all the information about the game. They know when and how much you’ve played, how much you’ve gambled, etc. If the operator smells cheating on the player’s part, he’ll simply check the logs.

We have prepared a small table with all the main pros and cons of welcome bonuses:

There is absolutely no risk of losing your own money – since the bonus is given to you by the administration on a gratuitous basis, you can dispose of it as you want. Don’t want to wager it because you find the terms unattractive? Just decline it

  • A sometimes-unrealistic wager that is impossible to win back – if you’re a frequent visitor to a casino, we think you’ve encountered the situation many times where you’ve happily gone to claim your welcome bonus, but then studied the wagering terms and literally fell off your chair. Because you saw odds of 60, 70, 80, or even 90 X. Yes, it’s all still a gift, but it’s just impossible to open such a gift. It’s like it’s sealed forever, and all you have to do is just stare at it with sad eyes

The opportunity to play almost any game in the casino for free – in general, this advantage is quite controversial. The opportunity to play different games depends mostly on luck, because the welcome promotion can be provided for some specific games or in general for all games

  • Confirmation of KYS data for the withdrawal of funds – and now here is a rather controversial minus. On the one hand, only good and licensed casino will require player to give personal information about himself. You don’t really need to worry about safety of this info. On the other hand, the player may be simply too lazy to bother with the provision of all this information. He may simply want to take his won welcome bonus and get away

The obligation to deposit after wagering – many casinos in Canada expect you to continue playing at them after you’ve withdrawn your welcome bonus or no deposit bonus. The backbone of any casino’s life is the players. They make a face to the gambling establishment, develop it, so newcomers will be offered as many favorable and liquid terms as possible, so that they would stay for a little longer. We could refer this minus to controversial, as well as the previous one, but still every player will want to take his winning money immediately and without a hassle. Not everyone will want to make a deposit and continue playing in the casino, but it’s easy to understand the motives of gaming establishment as well. No one likes bonus-hunters, who jump from one casino to another, in an attempt to get free money.

Now let’s also talk about the bonus-hunters from the last point. They are closely related to welcome bonuses.

#Online casinoCasino ratingWelcomeNo-depositDevicesREGISTRATION
1500€ + 150 FS deposit bonus
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150% up to €2000 deposit bonus
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150% up to €300 deposit bonus
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150% up to €1500 deposit bonus
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1500€ + 150 FS deposit bonus
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So, who can be called a bonus hunter? Bonus-hunter is a person who rushes from one casino to another with just one simple goal: to make money on the welcome bonuses, without paying a penny.

How do they do it? To be honest, with great difficulty. Because nowadays, every good online casino doesn’t allow such players to wager bonuses. Many gambling establishments act according to a proven scheme: they make a rather weak, unattractive welcome bonus to discourage bonus-hunters from trying to get it. But as for the other bonuses, casinos trying to do their best. We looked at what Canadian casinos offer their players as other bonuses, and here’s an example from one top gaming establishment:

Deposit Bonus – Up to 30 CAD per balance, or up to 200% of winnings on games from NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Playtech and others

Bonus for depositing via cryptocurrency – Up to 0.01 BTC extra on balance for any games

Cashback bonuses – Up to 50% cashback when lose

In fact, this is only a small part of what the casino has to offer instead of the unprofitable welcome bonus. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Welcome bonus “for an hour” in Canadian casinos

Many casinos in Canada offer newcomers a great opportunity to make money by offering them really huge amounts as a welcome bonus. We’re not talking about 20, 30, or even 100 CAD. At top Canadian casinos, the “one-hour bonus” can be more than 1,000 CAD. Of course, this will appeal to any player, but such bonuses are usually given only to newcomers. Of course, not everything is that simple. This type of welcome bonus doesn’t just carry the name “for an hour” for nothing. The player will be given literally an hour to wager it. Only during this time, he will be able to realize the bonus and withdraw the money received. Otherwise, the bonus will simply disappear at the end of time.

Although such bonuses are designed, as it may seem at first glance, for beginners, it is actually not quite true. Technically – yes, they are really designed for beginners. But for beginners only in this particular casino, because only an experienced player in online gambling will be able to realize this bonus and withdraw it.

How to choose a good casino with a welcome bonus

First of all, when choosing a casino to play at, you should pay attention to what it has to offer customers in general. Anything can count here. Depends solely on the player’s preferences. Some want to see a large variety of bonuses, others want quick and reliable support, and others just want a good-looking and user-friendly interface.

As we said earlier, you should pay attention to the deposit bonus. If you think it’s not very good, it’s actually a plus (if you’re a regular player and not a bonus-hunter), because then the casino bonuses will be a head start over the welcome bonus. Cool and easy withdrawable no-deposits usually only come from scammers, and that’s a fact.

Here’s a little checklist. If you crossed out all the items, it means this casino is worth a try to play:

1xSlots Casinos
150 free Spins

RocketPlay Casinos
20 free spins

JVSpin Casinos
200 Free Spins

Check the quality of games, software and the presence / absence of a gaming license

Perhaps the first important item in our little checklist. The games are the face of the casino. In a good casino they should all, without exception, be licensed, as well as other software. It is best if they are games from industry-leading publishers like Yggdrasil and NetEnt. The second publisher for example is staying on the market since 1996, and in that time has managed to gain the trust of many players around the world, not only in Canada.

Gaming license is not the least important aspect. You shouldn’t really trust the establishment without a proper license.

There are many licenses, but in Canadian casinos the most common gaming licenses are Malta and Kahnawake. Also you may often come across a Curacao license, but whether to trust it or not is purely up to you. “Why shouldn’t I trust it, it’s a full gaming license?” you ask. The fact is that there is no centralized authority in Curacao, so the state has no control over the activities of a casino with such a license. This is done by the local authorities. Of course there are many good casinos with Curacao license, but there were some cases related with cheating from casinos with that license.

Check what other people say about this casino

Look for reviews on the Internet, ask your friends, watch videos (if any). We assure you, you can find a lot of useful and interesting information about the casino, if you look hard enough.

Check the registration terms and conditions

They’re different at every Canadian casino, but some common trends can be seen. For example:

  1. Often you have to provide personal information (KYS procedure).
  2. Each casino allows withdrawals only to certain cards or payment systems.
  3. A good reputation in other casinos (if you are a renowned bonus-hunter, and did not use a VPN or proxy, it is very likely that your IP-address has long been on the blacklist of all good Canadian casinos, and you will not be allowed to play anywhere).

Check how quickly the money is withdrawn

And although for some users it may not be that important (because relaxing for them if more important than moneymaking), it is always better when the money comes to your wallet ASAP. Sometimes it happens that casinos take a long time to withdraw your money, but there’s a reason for that. If you play in a good, licensed casino with official software, and you notice that the money does not come to your account for a few days – It’s normal. There is no need to panic. The administration of the casino is just busy checking your account. To find out about the speed of withdrawal in this particular casino, contact support. You will be given all the necessary information and will be advised on all questions that have arisen.

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Let’s recap

The welcome bonus in many casinos is a good way to attract new players and give them a taste of the interior of the casino. This promotion can be good, it can be bad – it mostly just serves to draw the gamer’s attention to the gaming establishment. It is better to focus on other bonuses: cashback, top-up, loyalty, etc.

But we will talk about them next time.

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