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At the moment, there are a huge number of different casinos on the gambling market, numbering in the hundreds. Some casinos are good, while at others the game brings maximum discomfort, which translates into an overall bad impression of the online casino. So that you can enjoy a great game, win money and stay satisfied, we’ve compiled a selection of the top 10 best online casinos available in Canada.

#Online casinoCasino ratingWelcomeNo-depositDevicesheading
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150% up to €2000 deposit bonus
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What type of slot machines are there in online casinos?

  • Classic slots. This type of slot has several reels, usually between 1 and 10. The winnings are determined by the number of lines played, as well as the value of the symbol played. As a rule, the maximum winnings in such slots are limited, and consequently you will not get the odds of several tens of thousands X.
  • Jackpot slots. In this type of slot, the jackpot accumulates and one of the players catches it. Typically, the chance of winning the jackpot is extremely small, but it brings huge amounts of money, as well as the feeling of total victory. There are several types of jackpots: major; minor; and naturally the biggest jackpot.
  • Accumulation slots. These are a whole new generation of slots that are quite different from the old ones. Their main point is to accumulate a certain coefficient, by which the winnings are multiplied in the end. As a rule, the main accumulation takes place during the bonus game.
  • Slots with falling symbols. These slots differ from classic slots in that the winnings are not based on lines, but on the number of fallen symbols. In addition, such slots often have an additional coefficient, which somehow helps to get a big win.
  • Wild symbol accumulation slots. These slots offer the player an accumulation of Wild symbols, which takes place during the bonus game. Typically, the symbols have certain odds, which are eventually multiplied to give the player a huge winnings.
  • MegaWaves slots. These slots work on the principle of lines, which at a certain point are in play. The point of these slots is that the number of lines can easily go over 100,000, and the winnings at such a match will be really huge.

Many of the types of slots on display echo each other, forming something versatile and radically new, so it’s always fun and exciting to play.

Casino bonuses

1xSlots Casinos
150 free Spins

RocketPlay Casinos
20 free spins

JVSpin Casinos
200 Free Spins


It’s no secret that casinos try to actively attract users, and to do this they use bonuses that the player receives either during registration or when playing. There are several types of bonuses:

  • No deposit bonuses. These bonuses are either in the form of free spins or a certain amount that the player receives for his balance. Generally, no wagering is required for such a bonus.
  • Deposit bonuses. This bonus is a certain percentage that the user receives on the deposit. Such a bonus can significantly increase the deposit, but it requires wagering, which is not always straightforward.
  • Cashback and rakeback. This type of bonus will be beneficial to every player, as it is a refund of a certain amount of money, regardless of whether the player wins or loses.

Thus, all the casinos on our list have a variety of bonuses. Each player can take advantage of them and receive a certain profit, which can either be withdrawn or kept for the game.

Live Casinos

Canadians love Live Casino, as it allows you to play a variety of modes, not with a machine, but with a real person acting as the dealer. This type of casino has a huge variety of games, including:

  • Wheels with a wide variety of gameplay.
  • And much more.

This casino is based on live streaming, which directly shows the entire gaming process and gives the feeling of playing in a real casino. It should be noted that there are no delays, the transmission is as smooth as possible, and the video quality is the best.

In this casino you can also communicate with the dealer, by means of chat. It is important to say that there are tables where the player individually plays with the dealer, getting even more pleasure from the gameplay.

Playing for money at an online casino

At this point in time, the regular casino version is going backwards, because online casinos have much more functionality and give the player a really good feeling. In a traditional casino everything takes place in real life, which sometimes causes discomfort. Online casinos allow you to play for real money at home, or anywhere else, at any time. And the variety of games available at online casinos is far greater than at offline casinos.

It’s worth saying that there’s no reason not to trust online casinos. It is the same honest platform that guarantees winnings. It’s important to understand that you should only play at licensed casinos that guarantee a payout of your winnings, as well as solving problems if they arise.

Replenishing your online casino balance is no more difficult than sending a message in a messenger, so you shouldn’t be afraid of the difficulty of using the internet!

Also, in the age of pandemics, it greatly reduces the risk of contracting any disease, because you are essentially at home. You can eat, lie down, even sit in the bathtub while you enjoy the process of playing online casino games.


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No deposit bonuses at online casinos

This option allows the player to receive a bonus without having to make a deposit. Generally, this bonus does not require any wagering and can be obtained from the casino itself and in certain situations. There are two types of bonus available:

  • Free spins. In this case, you are given a slot with free spins, after spinning it you get money. This money can usually be withdrawn without wagering.
  • A certain amount of money. This kind of bonus is usually given to regular players in the form of a promo code or a birthday present, for example. Such a bonus does not require any wagering, moreover, it is one of the best bonus options.

So, a no deposit bonus is a real treasure and you can relax at an online casino without having to worry about losing your money!

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