Online casinos, unlike their offline counterparts, have a really extensive system of bonuses that can please any, even the most sophisticated player. And this is the real truth. You can get all sorts of bonuses at Canadian casinos, from welcome bonuses and freespins, to high roller things. In today’s material we’ll take a look at what kind of bonuses are available, and which players are best suited for which ones. Let’s go!


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We’ll start with the most popular bonuses. These are the bonuses that are given to players at registration. They can be given in different ways – in the form of a promo code, or automatically registered to the player’s account. It varies from one game establishment to another, so before you start playing somewhere, we strongly recommend to get acquainted with the rules of this very casino. Only so you can avoid uncomfortable and unpleasant situations that will require you to make difficult and unnecessary moves.

Bonuses categories and their variety

Registration promotions are divided into two main categories: deposit and no deposit. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

A deposit bonus can be found at almost any online casino. To get it, you need to deposit a certain amount. Why can’t we tell you exactly how much you need to deposit? The thing is that it’s decided by each casino individually. In some gambling establishments it may be enough to deposit 20 CAD, but in some this amount approaches at 100 CAD or so. In general, the more serious the casino – the greater amount required.

What about the no deposit promotions – the player gets it as soon as he applied for registration (and possibly proceeded through the KYS procedure, but it’s really depending on the exact gambling house. Keep in mind – It’s very important to clarify such things with casino operators to avoid many possible troubles). The size of such a bonus is almost always small, and you cannot withdraw it immediately. To do so, the player usually needs to meet certain conditions. They can be quite different: sometimes the player is required to make a few bets for a certain amount, sometimes it is about playing strictly on certain machines. All this should be clarified with the support team of this exact casino.

Oh, yes. We almost forgot to say that such bonuses are like always short-lived. They may operate just a few hours or a few days, so the user needs to hurry with their implementation, if he wants to get his reward.

Payment promotions and bonuses

Next we want to discuss presents for payment from some e-wallets. It is important to many online casinos in Canada that you pay with certain funds. The fact is that some services for transactions (like Neteller) provide almost complete anonymity of all transfers. This is quoted by both players and casino operators. That is the reason why (sometimes it may be a credit card, and even cryptocurrency – such points should be clarified with the administration of the site) casinos can give you a very nice promotions when you send the money on the site via some e-wallets. But what are these promotions anyway? They can be quite different. Literally all the bonuses that we describe within this article can be awarded to the client after he replenishes his account.

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Freespin bonuses and promotions

Okay, we’ve dealt with the top-up bonuses. But that’s just the beginning. Freespins are found in almost all casinos, if not all. And that’s a perfect thing since it really helps client to start playing. The conditions for getting freespins vary from casino to casino, but the player should pay close attention to the following points:

Compatibility of freespins with other bonuses – Some bonuses won’t be stacked. You’ll have to choose one or another

Games – Can be quite different, but often freespins are provided to play the slot machine

Time limit – We mentioned earlier that those promotions in many casinos expire very quickly. Well, that applies to freespins as well. If you have them, you can probably see the remaining time until their validity expires

Loyalty promotions

Casino loyalty program – it’s really something interesting. It exists in many gambling establishments and for a reason. Regular, reliable players is the key to growth and development of any casino. But it is worth mentioning that the top casinos in Canada are interested in all type of players – both beginners and experienced high roller gamblers. They bet on the maximum expansion of their community, and this is sometimes a justifiable venture.

The loyalty program is expressed differently in each casino. Typically, it gives players a discount on the next deposit, or the next game.

How do I get a loyalty bonus?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. Just play. The more actively you do it, the faster you’ll reach the favor of this particular casino and it will start giving you substantial benefits while playing. Also, a player’s reputation in a casino depends on how much he bets when he plays. The higher the value, the more reputable he looks in the eyes of the gambling establishment.

And now we come to the high rollers – truly casino kings. These are the people that many gambling establishments focus on. And this is partly justified, because they bring the casinos a really huge profit. Of course, many gaming houses also do focus on the newcomers, because who knows, maybe they will become the next high rollers who will shock all the people with their gigantic and risky bets?

As for the promotions that are provided to top players, they include:

VIP-sections – Access to VIP sections is probably the main and the coolest thing that risky and experienced gamblers get as a gift from the casino administration. Having a VIP at a casino is essentially being at the top of the mountain. Players of this status are allowed to play with much higher limits

Special tournaments – Many casinos, in order to maintain the interest of their top players, offer them games with the same cool and desperate gamblers as they are. Professionals.

Higher Cashback – If the casino has a cashback bonus, in each lost game the percentage for high rollers will be higher in comparison with normal and regular players. The gap is really huge usually. We’re talking about 1-15% versus 40-50%. Despite the fact that the high rollers sometimes makes really huge and risky bets, most of the time they will stay in the black one way or another because of this cashback. Many online casinos still force highrollers to wager their bonuses in full.

Now it’s time to talk about cashback.

Cashback that we are so accustomed to in real life, that many of us simply can’t do without anymore, works in the casino according to the same scheme. Visitor plays, loses, and gets a certain percentage of the amount he bet. The percentage can be quite different. The range diversify from 1 to 15%. This is true for most casinos in Canada. In theory, this percentage could be increased by becoming a casino favorite player. In general, the casino cashback is a pep talk for the player, so he was not disappointed in the gaming house and continued to play.

Referral promotions

As strange as it may sound, but casinos also do have referral bonuses. It’s a rare thing, but such a phenomenon takes place anyway. In general, it’s not bad for both the player and the casino, as the client in this case gets a good opportunity to spend a nice and profitable time, but the casino gets another valuable player, who will surely raise its prestige and popularity.

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Login bonuses

Some online casinos have an interesting system of rewards, which is aimed to give out rewards to users every day/week/month and so on. This approach allows the gambling establishment to retain players for longer by offering more and more lucrative offers to play from time to time. Almost always the monthly bonus will be greater than the weekly and even more so the daily bonus. Take advantage!

A little about how to win back quickly in the casino

Many players are desperately looking for guides on how to quickly win back a casino bonus and not lose a lot of nerves. We’d like to help you out a bit:

Firstly, you should keep in mind that casino operators don’t do charity work. They’re testing the players for their strength by giving them opportunity to outplay the bonus.

If the player is able to complete the “mission”, the casino will definitely pay attention to him. Gamble houses always need experienced players who know how to play the game well and show others a decent skill. Before you start wagering the bonus, study all the terms and conditions carefully. These can usually be found on the casino’s website. Once you know what the wagering conditions are, start thinking through your plan. But do not try to cheat the casino. Administration quickly calculates cheaters and bonus-hunters and mercilessly punishes them. There is nothing else besides instant block. Trust us.

At Canadian casinos, bonuses are well wagering on several slot machines from well-known developers. For example, Yggdrasil or NetEnt. Be sure to take a closer look at them, because these vendors offer their users really high-quality games with an extremely clear interface. It can understand even a child, really!

License & security

Any good casino must have a license to operate. Only this way the player can be sure that he can take all his bonuses and that he will not be scammed. Generally speaking, there are many different licenses that allow gaming activities, but in Canada the two most common are the Malta license and the Kahnawake one. In fact, these two licenses are some of the most trustworthy. The Cusarao thing is also quite common, but you shouldn’t always trust it. Sure thing, you can find many decent casinos in Canada operating under the Cusarao permission, but sometimes bad precedents do happen.

The thing is, in Cusarao such documents are issued to many casinos, they are not strictly controlled. Because in Cusarao it is controlled by private companies, not by official government. If you have any complaints, you can contact the casino support, but they will not always be able to help you.

As for security – In good Canadian casinos it is at the highest level. It is literally one of the most important items on the checklist of any adequate gambling house. It often happens that visitors come into the casino and try in every way to fraud the local administration. In many establishments it is now common to use the most modern technology to ensure security.

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To give you an idea of how seriously security is taken in Canadian casinos, there are at least 500 cameras monitoring almost every regular casino. These cameras are monitored by at least 10 people at a time. Well, that applies to IRL-casinos. In their online versions it’s almost impossible to cheat the casino, so the question is rather how the casino protects its players from different DDos-attacks. The answer is that the top online casinos install SSL encryption protocols to ensure maximum data privacy and to minimize the damage in case of a successful DDos attack by hackers and scammers. Generally speaking, you can have peace of mind if you play at a truly reputable establishment. They value their reputation very much. There are just no exceptions.

Remember, bonuses and various rewards at the casino are your truest friends. They will give you a helping hand when you want to play, but you don’t have enough money in your account. They will also help you if you are a cautious gambler and do not like to squander your hard-earned money on entertainment, but prefer to play mostly with what the casino offers. Try, experiment and find a casino in Canada with the most enjoyable promotions!

First deposit bonuses
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