Play Free Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack has long migrated from the real gambling sector to virtual gambling platforms. This game has rightfully earned the trust of the venerable fans of gambling card games, which can boast of remarkable cash winnings.


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Most online casinos allow you to play blackjack for free.

We also would like to clarify one thing, Blackjack is not the best choice for making money. You probably can get a lot of money but by only being professional or by having strategy. You just need to understand what you’re exactly doing. In other cases, it is better to look at the other games at online casino.

Of course, if you have an opportunity to play for free in online blackjack games, then why not take advantage of it!

Online blackjack: inexperienced player expectations and reality

The developers of virtual gambling tables offer powerful software complexes with almost a hundred percent imitation of the real game conditions. The trend in recent years is the active involvement of the potential of artificial intelligence in software development, which gives the game algorithms unheard of power and beauty. The advantage of virtual slots – minimum overhead required to promote gambling establishments, providing services online. The freed-up funds allow to naturally increase the prize pool and thus attract the attention of a wide range of players.

Computer technology provides access to virtual gaming tables around the clock – If only there is the internet connection available. The only significant drawback of this kind of pastime – the lack of quality emotions from being in a real gambling hall with its heavy curtains, velvety cloth, massive legs of the tables, unperturbed croupiers and so on. On the other hand, while sitting at the computer, it is easier to avoid the temptation to stimulate your own luck with hot drinks, as well as resist the vibe of incomparable blond creatures, constantly flooding the halls of off-line casinos.

But let’s get to the point. Today we will tell you how you can play free online blackjack games, what pitfalls can wait for you, and what varieties of blackjack exist. Let’s go!

How to beat online casino at blackjack

Statistically, a virtual casino has, on average, eight percentage points more chance of winning than their regular, “landed” variants. Professional blackjack players are able to narrow the gap to one or two percentage points.

The key to blackjack success in a real casino is intuition and the ability to read faces. The slightest changes in the dealer’s facial expressions should give you an idea of the strength of the cards in his hands. This skill is impossible to teach. It can only be learned by yourself during many hours of gambling marathons. When playing online blackjack, the situation is complicated by the fundamental impossibility of reading the opponent’s emotions. The only way to win is to tune in to the inner voice and recognize the signals. Of course, it wouldn’t be out of place to have an idea of the mathematical probability of rebounding, based on the value of the cards in your hand.

Player, who has 14 or more points in his hand, is obviously in the risk zone. His chances of winning are melting with each new attempt to draw the next card. There is no mathematical formula for knowingly pulling a winning combination. This is why any mathematical deductions are auxiliary to the question at hand. In terms of probability theory, it’s better to play blackjack with a single deck. The more decks of cards involved in the game, the better the chances of winning. But more importantly, the more unsettled a player’s nervous system, the lower his chances of success, because luck in blackjack relies solely on intuitive insights.

Varieties of blackjack

There are many variations and differences from the standard rules in different casinos. Some variations increase a player’s chances and some worsen them. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game before you start playing. You can check the rules on casino websites or ask the dealer directly.

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Here are some varieties of rules you may encounter in casinos

  • American blackjack – after the cards are dealt, the dealer takes his second card. If the dealer’s up card is not a ten or ace, the game goes in the normal order. If an ace or ten, the dealer takes a “closed” card. The player does not see this card. If the dealer’s two card blackjack, the game stops immediately. The player loses all bets, except in the case when he also has blackjack. if the dealer has blackjack, it is not possible to refuse to play.
  • Open blackjack – here the dealer receives not one, but two cards in the open. if the points are equal, the dealer wins. Refusal from the game is no longer possible. The probability of winning in this variant is approximately equal to a normal blackjack variant.
  • Refusal restrictions – refusal in this type of blackjack is not possible at all. There is also a variant of game where the refusal is not possible if the first card dealer’s card is ace.
  • Limitations on doubling the bet – the bet can be doubled only on 10 or 11 points.
  • Additional payouts for colored blackjack – type of card game formed from cards of the same suit is paid not 3:2 but 2:1. The player gets an additional advantage of 0.56%.
  • Joker game – one joker card is added. Receiving the joker automatically results in 21 points. If the dealer receives the joker, he is deferred and does not play.
  • One-suit blackjack – If an ace and a card of ten points have the same suit, the payout will be as much as “2 to 1” (or doubling the user’s bet).
  • Maximum cards – just cards limitation which can be realized in any way possible.
  • 678 or 777 – additional payouts for cards with orderly upward values or equal denominations.
  • Match-play – blackjack with bonus payouts, the number of which is quite large. Special attention deserves accrual for the aforementioned sequence of “777” – here it will lead to an increase in the deposit by forty (minimum) times.
  • Multi-arm – a form of game that originated in the era of online gambling. Assumes the ability to place a bet using one to five hands.
  • Superfan – It’s just like the default “twenty-one” with the gambler’s options to double any combination; abandon the sequence; divide the available set into no more than four small ones; possibility to not draw the card
  • Pontoon – Is an American (but still operates in Canada highly) system of drawing, quite different from the classic version and therefore called by some experts as a separate variant.

Blackjack demos

Before you play for money with the withdrawal, it is advised to try your forces in the trial version before. A blackjack demo is available online at all casinos, but only a few sites allow you to play games for free. In any case, the demo mode, if available, is a great way to familiarize yourself with the interface and rules of the game.

The only point not presented in this mode is withdrawal. The games are played for fun, so it is impossible to get a payout. This feature is unblocked after registering a profile. To play free online blackjack games, it is advised not to delay and learn all the basics as soon as possible. It is so easy to get pleasure from betting, which lies in risk – the simultaneous presence of the probabilities of a big win and loss of the amount in the account.

Blackjack game developers

The number of table game developers is not as high as the number of slots developers, but the following companies have produced blackjack games at least once:

  • Microgaming;
  • EvoPlay;

You can run these games from these developers online, both in demo mode and in full. You may deposit and withdraw, revealing the main advantages of gambling houses. More and more developers are trying to present their products on a cross-platform basis, so that it becomes possible to enjoy the game process even on a mobile device. Often there is even no requirements to download anything – the games are well optimized for different browsers.

Live blackjack casino games

In addition, there is a list of live providers that are ready to quality blackjack games:

  • The aforementioned Microgaming.
  • The famous NETENT, which released the legendary Gonzo’s Quest slot.
  • Ezugi, which offers a user-friendly table interface.
  • Pragmatic Play, except for the live area known for a generous payout system in the machines.
  • Evolution, formerly known as Evolution Gaming.

As you can see, there are a very large number of sites and developers, so people who prefer to play blackjack online for free or not, immediately reveals the entire range of interesting things. If you do not consider the tables with croupiers, almost all the developers have demo versions of their games, and it is not difficult to get acquainted with their advantages on their own. Enough to go to the website of any institution that has a license and try out your luck – you do not need to register and so replenish your balance.

Play free online blackjack games

So let’s say you’re determined to play free online blackjack games in some casino, but you don’t know how to do it properly. First of all, you need to find a good online casino with nice bonuses and responsive administration. Ask around your friends, search the internet yourself: we’re sure you’ll be able to find a good establishment that will be able to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience. We’ll just give you some general tips on how to play free online blackjack games.

The most important thing for our reader right now is to find a place where you can play for free. “How can I even play for free?” you may ask. That’s a good question, because “casino” and “free” are two far from compatible concepts. Well, let’s dispel that myth.

Firstly, many casinos offer their players (beginners and professionals alike) tasty bonuses which allow them to play most slot machines (including blackjack games) for free with, for example, the local equivalent of free spins. Also often the user is given the opportunity to play blackjack in the casino after he registers on the website and pass all the necessary checks. Usually the casino does not require a lot of information from you: you usually have to provide your email, contact phone number and think of an original nickname. The casino normally does not require more.

Secondly, get the opportunity to play blackjack in the casino for free and win money at the same time can be obtained not only with no deposit. Quite often casinos create various promotions and special offers for their players, aimed at maintaining and ameliorating their interest. For example, it is common practice among gambling establishments to implement a loyalty program. What does it represent? This is a program that provides some of the players in the casino special bonuses, based, for example, on their rating or loyalty to this very casino. Very often VIP and just top players are given totally free to play some games, including blackjack. This way the casino is fueling players’ interest in gaming at that particular casino. This is beneficial to both the gaming establishment and the casino at the same time.

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The profit, that everyone earns simultaneously.

And thirdly. We fully understand that many people want to get a no deposit bonus and as soon as possible win it back; withdraw to get the money in your account. But the main thing is not to overdo it, running from one casino to another. You just getting a risk of be called a bonus-hunter. No one really likes such people. Just trust us.

Bonus-hunting is when a player gaming in one casino, then another, and still does not pay a single penny. Of course, casino operators do not really like such guys and try to “cut off their oxygen” by any means, imposing various restrictions or making it impossible to play free online blackjack games for them.

How to deal with it? In fact, there is no way. The player simply has a choice: to prove that he really is a good and reputable player to normal casinos, or try to play anywhere, if only for free.

We gave information. How to use it – it’s only up to you.

Play, enjoy and win at the best online Canadian casinos.

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