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New bonuses are often added to casinos, and if you are an avid gambler, then you will notice that the award programs on your favorite site are often updated.  Some new prizes will appear, while some of the old ones may change or disappear altogether. If you want to get the maximum benefits from your casino, then you should follow these trends.

In this article we will discuss the ways of getting the biggest possible benefit from your website, and show you how to exploit the new bonuses that may be added. We will also cover some of the most basic points about bonuses as a whole.


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Why do casinos add new bonuses?

In order to understand this, we must see why casinos have bonuses in the first place, since they do not just pass out money out of kindness. There is a variety of reasons:

  • Coax new players to join: If a welcome prize is being given out for free to all who join, then new gamers will be eager to register and start playing, since this will permit them to get a little free cash and a few freespins for the slots.
  • Keep old players there: If an old player keeps getting new prizes for participation in a loyalty program, he is much more likely to stay. To that end VIP programs are used in all the top gambling websites. They award people large amounts of cash and other interesting gifts for staying around and continuing to invest.
  • Recruit via referral: Referral prizes are gifted to those who can invite new people to join. They are also a good way to make some extra bucks without depositing anything. In some cases you are only rewarded if the player that you invited invests some of his money.
  • Promote bigger wagers: There are special awards called Highroller prizes, which grant people big advantages for placing larger wagers. Some sites make it possible to get a large amount of free cash for each time you wager over 500 bucks. This is a great advantage if you have the money to do this.

All of these prizes are offered at the best websites, which you will find on our list of top casinos. And if you want to get the most out of you favorite gambling place, then try to learn about the new bonuses and prizes that they offer. Keeping up to date knowledge will let you jump on the latest offers and get ahead of other players.

All of the prizes we listed work well both on the PC version and on mobile apps. You will be able to register and apply for awards just as easily when using a mobile app, which will make it possible for you to take you games anywhere you want.

What can I get from bonuses?

Different pries offer vastly different opportunities. While the welcome offer may be very small, granting just a few freespins, the VIP program may offer extremely large gifts when you work up in it. In the table below we will review how much you can gain from these offers.

Welcome bonus – This is a small prize that you gain when you register a new account. It is usually granted right off, however it may need a code. The prize is most often a few bonus spins or dollars

Deposit offer – This one grants you a large sum of free cash when you make your first investment. It is usually equal to 50-100 percent of your money in the form of free cash. Some sites may do this for the first and the second deposit!

VIP program – This is a long-running offer that works during the whole time you are at the website. You receive prizes for completing certain actions. The first few will be small, and you will, as a rule, receive freespins or a little cash. However, as you get more experience and wager more, you will receive much larger prizes.

Reload prize – This is a bonus that helps keep players active. It grants you a weekly return on all the money you have wagered during that week. It is only available at a few websites, but it is totally worth using, if you can find it.

Highroller – This is a prize offered only to players who make very large wagers. It is usually only given out if you have wagered over 500 bucks in one roll. It is equivalent to 50-100% of your wager in the form of bonus money

Referral – This award is given to players who invite new gamblers to the website. In some cases you get a small bounty for each newly registered player, and in others you receive payouts only after the new person has deposited some money.

All of these prizes are readily available at the sites in our list of best casinos. You will be able to access all of them after you register. You should try to maximize the benefits from them, since they are the only way you can take advantage and make a profit.

How do I learn about new bonuses?

New prizes are usually announced by the website offering them, to make sure that a larger audience is made aware of this. Therefore, promo codes for welcome and deposit prizes can be found on many different sites. Also you will often see these prizes shown and promoted by different media influencers and in ads. This is true mostly for welcome bonuses.

However, some prizes are only shown to people who are current players. This is true for VIP and highroller prizes. You may find links to these prizes in your email, if you are an old player at one of these sites.

And lastly, you may find promotional codes and info about new prizes on forums devoted to online gambling. These codes can be input when registering at a new site, or even after you have an active account there. Either way they will allow you to claim a prize.

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How do I use these offers?

The welcome prize is most often given to you right away, and you will be able to spend the bonus spins and free cash immediately. However, you will not be able to withdraw this money just yet. In many cases it will need to be played up to 50 times. This means, you will have to wager it many times, risking to lose it, before it will be possible to withdraw. This makes it almost impossible to win anything using only the welcome prize, and the administration does this to motivate player to bring their own cash.

The deposit prize is much more promising, since you get much more free cash to spend.

The reload prize is pretty much the same as the deposit one – you get a pretty big sum each time. The same is true for the highroller prize – and in each case you will need to play the money a large number of times before you are permitted to withdraw.

The VIP is a little different. Some of the prizes later in the VIP program may grant you real money right off, without the need to play it multiple times. In addition, some of the largest prizes at the end of the VIP program may even offer you extremely large prizes, such as new phones or even a car.

All the prizes can offer quite a nice boost to your gambling earnings, especially if you invest a lot of cash in the casino and wager a lot. This will make it possible to harvest high-level prizes like the highroller and VIP.

How do I maximize profits?

If you want to make the most of your time, then you should play the games with the highest RTP. This means, you should select the games that give back the most money to the player. The slots at most gambling sites have an RTP of 96 percent, which means that out of each 200 times you play, you will lose 104 times. Therefore, unless you are very lucky, you will not win money on slots.

The best RTP is available on live table games, like poker and blackjack, especially if you are a skilled player. Then you will be able to outsmart other players and get a stable amount of wins.

But you can excel even more with sports betting, since there it is possible to get almost certain wins, if you are good at predicting outcomes. This will work even better if you are able to buy expert predictions of matches. However, sports betting takes a lot of work. You will have to follow teams, watch their players and see where the match is taking place. All of these factors are crucial for predicting the outcome of the match.

Payment methods

If you want to maximize profits, you should also use a payment method that takes less of your money as commission. While debit cards and electronic wallets may be convenient, they do take a large ta on transfers. It is advised that you use bank wires for transferring money to your favorite site. They are slow, but they take much less money as commission.

Cryptocurrency is as slow as slow as bank wire, but it offers very good privacy and anonymity, since it cannot be traced back to the original owner. This method is used by people who want to add an extra layer of safety to their gambling.

Which are the best games?

If you intend to play for fun, then slots are a good choice. They are easy for casual players to understand, and they provide a nice first impression of casino gameplay. The best brands to choose among the many available are Betsoft, Microgaming and NetEnt. They have the best graphics, RTP and overall performance. These brands all make slots, however a few of the virtual table games are also developed by them.

Live games are also a great option. They additionally provide the impression of really being at an actual game and playing there. With them you will be able to play a game in real life using a camera and microphone for connection. A real croupier will be present too, so the simulation will be very realistic.

There are also many virtual versions of popular table games, and they too can be played. If they are made by good brands, then they will also provide great RTP and be very interesting to play.

It is also worth noting that all slots and many table games can be played in demo mode for free, without spending a cent. This makes it possible to practice and learn how they work.

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RocketPlay Casinos
20 free spins

JVSpin Casinos
200 Free Spins

General advice about gambling

There are a few rules for all players, independent of what they prefer – slots, sports wagering or table games. These rules are for everybody:

  • Try to select a reliable website with many good reviews. Make sure these reviews are present on multiple platforms. Check the licensing too, and remember that Maltese, British or Kahnawake licenses are the most reliable and offer the best protection for customers.
  • Select games with good RTP, and try to learn how to play table games, like blackjack and poker. There you will be able to win much more often than with slots. The best winnings can be achieved with live games that are played in real life.
  • Maintain a budget specifically for gambling. Do not overspend and do not try to win back a loss by more gambling. Take breaks often, and do not turn gambling into an obsession.
  • Try to get experience in sports betting, since it is the most profitable kind of gambling. There you will be able to earn a stable income, if you predict well.

This advice will help you keep getting a profit from gambling and not overspend on this. Asyou get more experienced in gambling, you will be able to safely place larger wagers.

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CasinoExpert   17.08.2022
Live Dealer Casinos – Live casino rules



Will I be notified of new bonuses?

Yes, if you are a player at a gambling website, it will try to let you see new prizes. You will get notifications about it on your email account that you used for signing up to the service. They will alert you of new prizes, gifts, promotions and other important happenings.

Are casinos legit in Canada?

Yes, all the laws about gambling show that  online play is also legal in Canada, and you will never have a legal problem with withdrawing you winnings and receiving awards. This is true for slots, table games and sports betting too.

How soon will I get my earnings?

This depends on the payment method you use. If you are using an electronic wallet or debit card, it will most likely be instant. Bank wires and crypto methods can take up to one business day. Also, all of these methods are fairly safe, especially if your favorite website uses SSL encryption to keep your personal info safe.

Is registering easy?

Yes, in order to register you just need an e-mail address and a password. However, to make withdrawal possible, you will also need to provide a lot of documents that prove your identity. This is done to make sure you are in a country where gambling is legal, and to prove you are the real owner of the account.

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