High Roller Casinos

Many online casino visitors prefer to make high stakes. Thanks to this, they can often count on special conditions which are provided by local administration. If you want to make a big bet, you are likely to give preference to the slot that has the highest rates of return, because this will increase the chance of winning.


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All players expect that an online casino will be as honest as possible and will provide safe and transparent gameplay. You can find a list of such gambling portals in special ratings that are published on the Internet.

Users who like both high risks and high winnings are called high rollers. Compared with others – ordinary players, they put much more more money in gambling since they expect to win big amounts. For this reason, the administration of the gambling houses is trying to create the most comfortable conditions for them. For example, they guarantee a quick withdrawal of funds and a wide range of games

Who are the those guys

In the past, this term was applied only to poker players. Their distinctive feature was that they made big bets. Nowadays, a high roller is any player who stakes a large sum of money in slots, roulettes or any other games.

One of the main purposes of any gambling – hit the jackpot. Almost every user betting hopes that he will earn a large amount of money.

But it is mandatory to consider some important factors. For example, making a bet on the multiplier x1, the user will get 10 CAD. And if he puts on a x200 multiplier, he will get much more. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are people who are willing to make very large bets. In this case, they require special treatment and service from the administration of the site. The casino’s team often goes towards them and offers special promotions.

It is assumed that the high roller can afford himself to lose the money bet without the risk of bankruptcy. A desperate gambler, who bet all his fortune on one game, cannot be called a high roller, no matter how high his bet was. But millionaires and billionaires, for whom a small sum of money lost is a drop in the ocean, fit the term perfectly.

However, all high rollers are divided into two main types:

  1. Professionals – players for whom winnings are a way to make money. These are the true experts of the games. They do have a phenomenal memory and an analytical mind, perfectly know all the strategies and know how to stop before reaching the walking away point.
  2. Amateurs – rich fans of gambling: monopolists, oligarchs, politicians. Many of them simply consider it beneath their status to make low stakes in casinos. And, if the first type (professionals) is focused on winning, the second – on enjoying the process and demonstrating their wealth. Therefore, usual amateurs saying goodbye to their money easily and unconstrainedly.

Choosing a casino for high rollers, you should first of all focus on those portals that can offer profitable and transparent conditions. After registration, you like almost always need to verify your account. This procedure is necessary to determine the identity of the player. If you are going to withdraw a large sum, then you will have to prove your personality in any case.

Online casinos often offer high rollers bonuses. However, it should be taken into account that not all players will use them. The thing is that wagering bonuses for high rollers can take a lot of time and effort to outplay them, so a lot of people simply dodge these types of promotions.

High rollers are being watched by almost any serious online casino. The fact is that the administration has detailed statistics of all bets users are making. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a casino’s favorite, now it is the perfect time. Place big bets if your financial situation allows you, shock everyone and earn popularity. Sooner or later, the operators of this very gambling establishment will definitely pay attention to you and call you a high roller.

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Benefits for high stakes players

Many modern institutions are interested in users who make large bets. While searching a perfect gambling house for yourself, it is worth spending time exactly on these sites, where you can be sure that you will be given favorable conditions.

Here’s a list of benefits of the best online casinos for high rollers:

  • Personalized special bonuses – these include, for example, birthday gifts, a variety of promo codes and so on. The administration benefits from high stake players hugely, so they try everything to do everything to hold such gamers on the this very casino portal.
  • VIP tournaments – The cash prize in VIP tournaments is usually very large – all in order to create an interesting challenge for valuable players.
  • Loyalty Program Participation – high rollers are one of the best casino’s guests, so it is not surprising that they receive quite valuable prizes. They can include a variety of material values. It really depends on the local institution rules.
  • Personalized service – many online casinos provide their high rollers with a personal manager, through whom they can solve practically any issues that may arise.
  • Accelerated withdrawal of funds – thanks to this point, high rollers can count on the fact that the transfer of winnings will take much less time compared to normal and regular users.
  • Communication with the administration – high stake gamers can agree on special conditions for obtaining winnings if the previous doesn’t suite them.

It should be taken into account that in live games the betting limits are quite different. This peculiarity of online casinos players should be taken into account by every gamer who wants to spend time on the gambling site.

It should be also noted that almost all of the online casino slots can be run in demo mode if you want. This is completely free of charge. Thanks to this you will be able to understand the features of a particular machine, and will be able to build the most appropriate strategy.

Almost all gambling portals are interested in high rollers. To keep them, they offer a lot of interesting benefits that are not available to regular users.

Among the coolest advantages for high rollers especially the following ones can be singled out:

  • Longer and easier withdrawals;
  • Personalized promotions;
  • Birthday gifts;
  • A personal croupier.

If you want to find out something else about venues that offer such conditions, you can check the special ratings on the sites and forums devoted to high rollers.

You can get additional privileges if you participate in the loyalty program, which are available in almost every serious online club. In these programs, there are several privileges that worth to be noted as well:

  • Increased withdrawal limits;
  • Individual manager;
  • Free spins and other bonuses;
  • Additional, favorable and beneficial rules of high stakes games.

If you are a high roller and want to make a big bet, you need to take into account certain rules. For example:

  • Maximum winnings – It may vary from one slot-machine to another, so be careful.
  • The presence or absence of the bonuses – It’s pretty obvious that bonuses will always give the player some kind of advantage, so when you play at a high roller casino, it’s important to pay attention to this point.
  • The size of the jackpot – high rollers have a huge chance of winning, so it is worth choosing slots, which have a very large jackpot.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the first thing you must check is whether the slot works honestly or not. To check this, you need to make several small bets, and only after that make a large one.

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Is it worth becoming a such player

Absolutely. But first of all, you need a good understanding of gambling. It is also mandatory to determine and develop your own strategy. Also, you will need to gather a lot of start-up capital. Don’t put those money you are planning to spend in real life. If you are planning to become a high roller, be sure to learn a lot of roulette strategies.

It’s hard to achieve big winnings without big bets, but you shouldn’t stake huge amounts of money mindlessly either.

How much should I bet to become a high roller? There are no clear-cut lines here, but there is a general consensus among gamblers that betting 100 CAD or more at the slots and over 500 CAD at roulette is a sign that a professional is playing right here and right now. Don’t aspire to make the same bets, because you can lose them right away. Gain experience with minimum bets firstly.

It is not necessary to bet in cash. Many players prefer to deposit with bank cards. If a gamer decides to set X amount on his account by using Visa, it would be OK in most situations. Reliable and large entertainment establishments always take care of such expenses.

There are also certain “force majeures” or difficulties that high rollers often have to face personally. One frequent problem is trouble of depositing and withdrawing their finances from the club account. The best way to do this is to use bank cards or e-wallets.

Features of ratings: how to choose the best casinos

There are more than 10 parameters, due to which the ratings are formed:

  • Catalog, the quality of entertainment, the frequency with which new roulettes appear, lotteries, draws, tournaments appear.
  • The registration and verification processes, deadlines and other important nuances to confirm a player’s identity.
  • Bonuses, rules for accrual of incentives, no-deposit, birthday gifts, cashback.
  • Proper technical support service – how quickly the manager responds to questions raised.
  • The user-friendliness of the interface, the availability of versions for smartphones and tablets.
  • The frequency of content updates; the optimization.
  • The possibility to change the language of the menu. Many clubs in Canada use French language, so if you are a foreign player, you probably would switch in to English or something else.

Reviews of licensed and top-rated casinos for high rollers

A review of licensed clubs that are staying on the TOP always contains complete information. Here you can find data about registration and verification process and about safe betting methods. Before you form an account, read the rules carefully. If the conditions are suitable, then proceed.

Each description of these institutions includes:

  • Registration tips;
  • Instructions on verification;
  • Data on available payment systems;
  • The description of the entertainment catalog;
  • Detailed information about the support team.

Often there are also information about the license, limits, commissions, bonus systems and tournament rules.

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Where to look for the best gaming institutions

Information about the best institutions where you can play for real money and choose the most profitable bonus programs, make transfers with instant withdrawal, are published in social networks, messenger channels, or on thematic forums. But guaranteed and accurate information is always available on our site.

Our experienced specialists study the services offered not only by traditional gambling halls, but also by hybrid betting shops. After careful analysis, lists are formed by attendance, reviews, winnings on the territory of Quebec and other Canada cities.

The main requirement that high rollers have for the gambling establishment is reliability. The club must have an impeccable or at very least the very good reputation. Players make big bets, so they need to be sure that the institution will ensure the safety of personal data and money. Secondly, the casino must be large enough to be able to pay out significant winnings.

The third and equally important condition is the ability to make large bets on the games preferred by high rollers, such as poker, baccarat or blackjack. Finally, the institution should have high enough withdrawal limits. The best gambling establishments always should take into account the wishes of these casino’s beasts.

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