High Roller Bonuses

Any good casino in Canada will always strive to improve every player’s gaming experience. Different approaches are used to do this. Some casinos prefer to provide their customers with transparent information about their activities, some casinos provide a very large number of licensed games, and some casinos treat their players with pleasant and profitable bonuses. About the last thing we will talk today.


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Jet Casino

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Fresh Casino

No deposit bonus50 Free Spins
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Sol Casino

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1xSlots Casino

No deposit bonus100 Free Spins
Welcome bonus1500€ + 150 FS
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Pledoo Сasino

No deposit bonusn/a
Welcome bonus100% up to €200
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Booi Casino

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PlayFortuna Casino

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What are casino bonuses for

The question is rather rhetorical. Bonuses are something that allows the player to get an advantage during the game. The feeling of superiority and success encourages players to stay at the casino and keep playing. The casino administration can use almost anything as bonuses: from welcome and no deposit bonuses to high roller bonuses. Speaking of which…

High Rollers: kings of the casino

Highrollers can safely be referred to the top players in any casino. These are players who make crazy bets that sometimes surprise or even shock the other players at casino. In the chat room you can often watch their reactions, and it really is sometimes funny.

In order to satisfy the gaming desires of high rollers, the administration of the casino goes to different steps. For example, they create special bonuses for them. Or, perhaps, award them with a VIP category so that high rollers could play on a par with the same ones like them. We suggest going through the bonuses, which the administration gives to highrollers in more detail.

Deposit high roller bonuses

One of the most popular offers for both high rollers and regular players in general. The deposit bonus is a highly sought-after bonus, as over 95% of casino players regularly make deposits to play. We don’t count bonus-hunters as a normal casino players, so we don’t include them in the statistics. They are probably the only players who always try to play the casino for free.

Good casinos in Canada, focused on top players, offer high rollers profitable deposit bonuses, so they can bet even higher, thus increasing the credibility of the casino they play at. And we’re not talking about some 5-20 CAD, which are awarded to many newcomers as a first deposit bonus, but about 100+ CAD. This is probably the bare minimum that we noticed while we were studying the Canadian casino high roller bonuses. To find out what kind of bonus the casino is willing to give you, talk to customer support or peruse the offered bonus. Usually deposit bonuses are given to the user in the form of coupons, promo codes, which need to be activated independently in the personal cabinet. It also happens that the bonus is credited to the account automatically in the form of money. Depends on the casino.

Increased cashback

Very tasty bonus. At casinos, sometimes everyone loses: even professionals and high rollers. You just have to accept this fact and be prepared not to get too upset. In order to mitigate a loss and minimize the negative emotions it caused, the casino administration offers its players bonus cashbacks. They act similarly to how we are used to in real life. In real life, we accrue cashback for purchases, in the online casino for losing. How much higher is the high roller’s cashback than that of the average player? In fact, by a lot. For comparison, the average player’s cashback at the top casinos in Canada is 1% to 5%, while this figure for high rollers can be up to 50%. Just imagine: you lose a bet, and you get almost half of it back to your account. That’s quite a big help.

#Online casinoCasino ratingWelcomeNo-depositDevicesREGISTRATION
1500€ + 150 FS deposit bonus
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150% up to €2000 deposit bonus
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150% up to €300 deposit bonus
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150% up to €1500 deposit bonus
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1500€ + 150 FS deposit bonus
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Access to the VIP section and various events as the high roller bonuses

Perhaps the most important bonus for a high roller. Getting a VIP in the casino is not only good for status, but also extremely profitable. However, any casino player can get the VIP, even if they are not a high roller. The main factor in obtaining premium status is continuous participation in the development of the casino. The doesn’t need to play big, it’s not really that essential. Just play regularly, talk to people in live chat and help the administration to find various bugs and problems in the code of the site. Well, but if the player decides to put large amounts on his bet, this will just lower the time of getting him into the VIP-category.

At online casinos, VIPs have a lot of bonuses. Many of them are personal, and are designed individually for each player and to suit his or her playstyle. We asked top players at the best casinos in Canada, and compiled a table based on the information obtained. In it you can see what individual bonuses were awarded to players in some of the categories:

Deposit Bonus 100-200 CAD
Cashback bonus 60% bonus
Freespins 100 pcs


VIP system in many casinos is closely related to the loyalty program. The principle of its work we described above. The main thing is to play often in one particular casino. It’s also worth noting that getting VIP status in one casino does not mean that you’ve acquired premium status in all casinos at once. Of course, many good online casinos in Canada work closely with each other, often arranging joint events. If you get VIP status at one of them, word will spread. But such a high status will still need to be earned.

It’s just that if you’re a household name in the gambling world, it’s much easier to do.


The casinos often hold tournaments between regular players as well as high rollers. But tournaments for VIPs and high rollers are quite different. A lot of people want to see the professionals fighting each other, showing first class poker-play, or just making bets on a crazy amount in games. The casino administration allocates a much larger budget for the organization and support of high roller tournaments than tournaments for regular players and beginners. It is worth noting that to participate in such tournaments in good Canadian casinos you need to pass all the necessary steps of registration and verification. Usually we are talking about the KYS system. Regardless of the status in the casino, sometimes the player may need to provide his personal details like passport, phone number, name, email and so on. It will be possible to clarify the list of information that needs to be provided from the administration of the casino.

Also, the information could be indicated on the invitation tickets, which are often sent to the top high rollers.

Often online casinos in Canada have a whole separate section with all the necessary information about upcoming tournaments. There you can find:

  • A list of completed and active tournaments. Going to the tab, you can find out the details of the competition: the size of the prize fund and the conditions of the tournament
  • Name of the tournament, terms of its holding: date of start and end. As a rule, the majority of tournaments are held within a week or two, so interested high rollers can join the game at any moment. But this is not always the case, and for the most important tournaments with big prize pools you need to apply for participation long before it starts.
  • A list of all current players (and of eliminated players too).

High roller bonuses: games

Canadian casinos are ready to offer their high rollers not only bonus and promotional offers, but also games. While good online casinos have many different games to suit almost every taste, there are also games that are in beta or even alpha test. What does this mean? Well, that the administration of the game house has not yet decided to add them to the general list of games, because they may not fit any criteria. For example, these games may be unbalanced, unfair or just bugged.

No one will like it if the new Crash game lags. Everyone knows that.

So what does this have to do with high roller bonuses? Well, if the high rollers have earned the casino’s trust and gained VIP status, they may well be invited to test unreleased games. High rollers are often avid and professional gamblers, so their advice on the balance of the games is worth listening to. And the good casinos understand this very well. They don’t want to suddenly lose a lot of money because some player found an exploit in a raw and unfinished project.

Here’s an example of some games from different companies that got better because of players’ participation in their development:

Book of Helios Betsoft


Fruilt Million BGaming


Power of Thor Megaways


Berryburst MAX NetEnt


Yokozuna Clash Yggdrasil


Sun of Egypt Boongo


Imhotep Manuscript Fugaso


Romance V Fugaso


Dwarfs Gone Wild Quickspin



In fact, this list could go on for a very, very long time. We only have listed the cases from the last year.

1xSlots Casinos
150 free Spins

RocketPlay Casinos
20 free spins

JVSpin Casinos
200 Free Spins

Real stories of high rollers

One might mistakenly think that high rollers are just those people who rely entirely on luck. To think that they have no strategy, but lots of money and recklessness, but that’s not true. Sure, there are many high rollers who rely solely on luck when playing all sorts of slot machines, but there are also many who demonstrate the highest level of play in less luck-dependent disciplines. For example, in poker.

High rollers in real casinos are usually very serious people with lots of money. Many of them even come with their own personal security. High rollers at online casinos are a little lower level.

While a real casino high roller is a person who literally plays for millions (there are some interesting real-life stories, we are going to talk about them later), at online casinos in Canada a high roller may be a person who wagers at least 1000 CAD.

We suggest that we take a little bit of the bonus theme aside and put high rollers in perspective. What kind of people are these? What drives them? Gambling, interest, or the desire to get the money; or maybe all at once? Let’s find out.

So now let’s talk about real stories of real high-risk gamblers.

The mystery of the family of the Sultan of Brunei

The sultan of the tiny Asian nation of Brunei is one of the richest men alive, with a fortune of over $20 billion. He is also considered to be one of the largest, though unspoken “whales” in the world. Along with incredible stories about his secret trips to casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and London, where he usually spends about $1 million a night, no one has accurate information about how often the sultan gambles and how much he wins or loses.

However, there is no doubt that his family is among the biggest high rollers in the world. Sultan’s ex-wife Maryam Aziz frequently visited London casinos, where she also offered her bodyguards to bet, and once lost £3 million during one stormy weekend. Sultan’s brother Prince Geoffrey is known as an avid gambler and regular gambler.

Australian millionaire Kerry Parker

Meet Kerry Parker. The rich man who managed to lose over $20 million in a few days at a Las Vegas casino. If you think he’s a loser, he’s far from it. Kerry Parker was then able to break even. He managed to win £13 million in just one day at a British casino, offsetting his upsetting loss in Vegas.

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Phil Ivey: the legend himself

Phil Ivey is a poker legend. He has won tens of millions of dollars in his 21-year career at all competitions, but he has earned even more from betting and wagering. He developed a love of gambling as a child – and it helped him become a king. In 1998 he took part in the Open Championship of Poker for the first time, a few months later he won the first thousand dollars, and in 2000, he earned 195 thousand dollars for one win. Five years later he took out one million in prize money for the first time.

Ivey won the World Series, and by 2017 his balance reached $21 million, but he got high not because of the money, but from the process itself, considering poker a battle of intelligences and making personal tactics of the winner.

And he shared the secrets of the mindset with some willing players.

From 2014 to 2017, there was his poker school – taught by professionals, and psychologists conveyed the correct manners of the game to students. Ivey is fond of betting (he gambled on basketball, soccer and golf) and adheres to the rule – no small sums.

Today Phil Ivey is one of the most successful poker players in the history of the game.

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