Free Online Roulette Games

Going to virtual gaming clubs, users choose gambling as a way of leisure and additional earnings. Unchanging leader among such options is roulette. Spin the wheel IRL is not available to everyone, while playing roulette for real money is allowed in like almost all online casinos.

The undoubted advantage of remoted gambling sites is that it is totally safe to have fun with them. There is no need to make payments and risk personal finances (as usually). Those who expect to generate income from their hobby are invited to play free online roulette games. This is convenient because there is no loss on conversion, winnings will be withdrawn in full amount.


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The first step is for the client to register on the site. Specifying the information about himself, password and login, the user gets access to a personal cabinet and the opportunity to make real bets. Before starting the game, it is worth studying the rules and features of the chosen title.

Rules of the free online roulette games

The rules of the game are simple – the player must correctly guess the number or color of the sector on which the ball stops. Wheel is represented as a strip, each sector of which has its own color and number from 0 to 36. The numbers are arranged in a random order and the color alternates. The sector with the number zero is colored green, it is a “zero” section.

Before playing, gamer bets on the selected number or color and waits for the end of the spin. While waiting, it is literally impossible to calculate or predict the outcome, the result depends entirely on random.

You can play for free and without registration, making several kinds of bets:

  • On even or odd numbers.
  • On the color of the sector.
  • On a group of numbers and so on.

Choosing this type of game, it is worth remembering that the site always has a preponderance of chances to win. Even paying large prizes, the casino will never be left without profit. The size of the bets and the percentage of the gambling club depends on the specific type of roulette.

Like any other gambling games, roulette for money has not only its own peculiarities and rules, but also specific terminology:

  • Zero – a sector of green with a zero value, indicates the percentage;
  • Double zero – found only in the American version, also represents a zero value;
  • Ball track – the place on which the ball rolls at the end.
  • Spin – the rotation of the wheel.
  • Croupier – representative of the club; croupier accepts bets, starts the rotation of the wheel, etc.

It’s not really difficult to understand the rules of roulette games. It is enough to make a couple of bets, as the algorithm becomes clear.

Types of roulette in casinos

The classic types are considered to be the following:

  • American – the wheel has 38 divisions, there is a special sector 0-0, which can double the winnings.
  • European – the wheel has 37 sectors. Since the zero sector is only one here, the advantage of the casino over the players is less. European is considered the most common type of roulette, simple and profitable.
  • French – almost the same with European, mostly scattered in Canada. Here we do have only one “zero” sector.

In addition to the standard versions, there are specialized ones, such as versions with multiple reels, extra balls, no numeric designations; with provided frees pins and jackpot, mini-roulettes, etc. Each of these types has its own unique features.

It is always worth considering the popularity when choosing the title. We noted that the American version has the highest popularity – 5.4%. European version is slightly less – 2.7%. And French has only 1.37% or so. Sometimes its better to try out the least popular variations since the chance of winning in this case is slightly increased. Why so? The lower the popularity, the fewer cool players. Simple as that.

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Free play vs real money betting

Advantages of playing for free:

  • A virtual account with a large balance – well, it’s not actual infinite, so control the betting pot.
  • No account creation required – just find a gaming house with right title and go to the page to start playing right away. Some gabling establishments can allow you to play without registration, but not all.

The advantages of playing with real money:

  • Winnings can be withdrawn, with most casinos fulfilling payment requests almost instantly.
  • In some casinos, no additional investment is needed – you can take advantage of no deposit bonuses offered by various clubs to win at a casino with roulette.
  • You can play in live mode – demo titles are not available with real dealers. Also, you can just watch instead of play if you want so.

Free online roulette games: developers variety

The list of titles available for free play depends exclusively on the gambling establishment. A considerable range of this kind of entertainment is offered by the following major providers:

  • Microgaming;
  • EvoPlay;
  • NetEnt;
  • PlayTech;
  • Pragmatic Play.

To understand whether a particular online casino cooperates with these brands, you can do a search by provider on these websites. Keep in mind that many modern clubs separate live and regular table games into different categories. You may have to check the contents of the two sections.

How to choose the best demo

It’s best to play the same demo that you plan to bet real money on later. Beginners can advise the European game and without “zero”, but the feature of the trial mode is just the possibility to quickly switch between products: it’s easy to find a development on your preferences.

How to play without the real money

First, you should go to the website of any licensed online casino. Despite the fact that for a demo game you do not need to make a deposit, it is still better not to use the services of clubs with fake or hacked set of games. Just try the real and nice casino. Then you need to go to the directory page and start the title trough the same section.

No registration

Often you do not need to create an account. However, when you want to feel the real game for money, you should create a profile. This is only possible if you have reached 18 years of age. This factor is strictly checked by the moderators of gambling clubs. On most sites, it is enough to specify an email, phone number and password to start playing, but you may need to verify something else when withdrawing. For example, provide your passport data.

The most popular types of online roulette

The most popular (besides American, European and French, which we have discussed before) are the following varieties:


Collaboration of two games that uses a pinball field instead of the classic wheel. From the position of the ball determines the number of sectors and its color.


A gambling game with a reduced number of sectors and low odds, accrued for the correct bet. There are also varieties without the green square.


HotSpot is the same as Euro variant, but with a bonus sector.


Roulette with two balls and one wheel. Despite the fact that chances of losing here is lower than in the Euro and American, but this kind is not very popular nowadays.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

One of the most popular titles of our time. It will surprise players with interesting features, multiple bets and high returns. Moreover, unlike games of other developers, everyone can get acquainted with the benefits for free. There is a tutorial mode available.

The game is characterized by a high-quality and realistic design. On the main screen you can see the wheel, the field for betting and amount of the game chips. Excellent animation, graphics and unobtrusive music will encourage the player to win. There is also an option to change the color of the playing table. The player can see the information about previous spins as well.

La boule

Quite an old game, which is characterized by the absence of a rotating wheel. Instead, it uses a bowl in which cells with numbers from nine to one are marked.

Live dealers
Licensed online casinos offer visitors to take part in live gambling entertainment. To make bets, players have to go through a quick registration and replenish his balance. After selecting the title in some section on the site, the user receives the right to participate in a gaming session. The croupier accepts bets and starts to spin the wheel in real time. This is followed by the announcement of the prize sector and congratulations to the winners.

By the way, it is also possible to watch broadcast which is streamed by several cameras; players can communicate with each other.

Some gaming houses have a friendly version of the site for mobile devices. Launching is allowed from gadgets that have Internet access. Trained croupiers speak several languages and consult during the broadcast. Payouts are automatically credited to the customer’s account. The administration of the many good gaming institutions recommends checking the stability of the connection before start playing. As in the regular, IRL casinos, the client has the right to leave tips.

How to win: a nice and working strategy

We’d like to share a few general tips to help improve your gaming experience, and win more often. If you will play free online roulette games using these strategies, it’s a good way to earn money. Let’s go!

Do not express any emotions (if playing with web camera)

The goal of the casino is to lure the client and force him to lose his money by any means. To do so, it is required to force the player to give in to emotions make the maximum bet and lose.

We will use a strategy that is based on the method of mathematical expectation. It is suitable for any games with odds 1:1. We will consider the red and black variation.

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Set a minimum

It’s as simple as that. If you lose – double the bet, if you win – just leave and save your winnings. If you don’t want to leave the gaming website for today, start a new session again with the minimum bet.

The minimum has to be about 127 times less than the amount that you actually have in your hands

You would need to lose 6 rounds (doubling your bet each time) to have a less than 1% chance of losing again in round 7. But it could be that the loss comes in a row 10 and even 15 rounds, it all depends on where you play and what kind of tricky things the casino has. We are talking about probability of 50-50, when you play just for fun.

Regardless of the number of rounds and the amount of money already betted, the gain for the session must be only the same amount as the minimum bet

Example: betting 100 always on red.

  • Round 1. Bet 100. Black appeared. Loses 100
  • Round 2. Bet 200. Black appeared. Losing for 2 rounds is 300
  • Round 3. Bet 400. Black appeared. A loss for 3 rounds is 700
  • Round 4. Bet 800. Red appeared. Winnings are 1,600. You lost in the previous three rounds 700, and in the current round you bet 800. So the total was is 1500. Clean profit.

Regardless of which round you win, the first or the seventh, your winnings should be still around 100: as the minimum amount of the bet.

Roulette is definitely not a bad way to make money by online-gaming.

To play for free, you need to get some kind of bonus. Quite often, casino operators offer the game to their customers, if they fulfill the conditions of any promotion. Since RN we are considering playing roulette for free and only so, the only truly free option to get is the implementation of a no deposit bonus.

We think every player knows what this bonus is. It is the most popular in almost all casinos – no player will turn down free games. Of course, quite often the administration of the casino creates ambiguous conditions for wagering this very type of promotion. For example, a very high wager or something along these lines. But if your duty on wagering no deposit is to play free online roulette games, you can rejoice.

Today you’re the lucky one.

You get a chance to get the money in your e-wallet (or wherever you’re going to withdraw your CADs from the casino) just by enjoying the gameplay.

In fact, there are many more ways to make money on the games. Just as there are many ways to play something for free. We will talk about others in another article. Stay tuned!

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