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Online gambling can be fun, and it can even become a profitable way to spend time if you are an experienced gambler. However, not all websites for gambling are equal. Some online casinos are great places, while others outright cheat their customers. There is a very wide variety of casinos available on the Internet today. So how do you pick the best one?

Our team wants to assist you in selecting the best place to play, so we have assembled a list of the best online casinos available in Canada. While there are many good casinos out there, we have narrowed our selection to a few choice ones. But how did we make this selection? What defines a good casino? This we will discuss below.

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What is a good casino?

In order to understand this, we must first define an online casino. It is a website, where you will be able to wager money in a variety of online games. You may also earn bonuses, play competitive games with other players or even get a profit by making wise choices and placing good bets.

To be on our casino list, a website needs to have:

  • A wide variety of games
  • Many payment methods
  • A helpful support team
  • A good license
  • Good reviews on many platforms
  • Big bonuses

These features make a casino worth playing. What these concepts mean – we will discuss below.


The games available at online casinos can be of many different types, and in a table below we will show them:

  •  Slots – The simplest and most common type of online games for money. Here you wager an amount of cash to spin the slot machine, and if you end up with a good sequence, then you get a large profit
  • Blackjack – This is a classical casino game. It can be played in a virtual form or even live, through webcam
  • Poker – There are many different types of online poker rooms on online casinos, where you can pitch yourself against both newbies and experienced players
  • Roulette – This is also a classic game, which gives you a completely random outcome
  • Sports betting – This is a very diverse and interesting topic. Typically, it is preferred by the most experienced bettors.

These games are featured on almost every casino. However, the best ones have all the different types of games, and also feature many different varieties of them.

You should look for sites that feature games from trusted developers, such as Betsoft, Microgaming and Netent. These games offer a good RTP, nice playing mechanics and good graphic design. Also games from these brands are licensed, which means they will only appear on casinos that are trustworthy.

Live games

Live games are an interesting topic. While you do play them through a computer, they are actually played in the real world as well. A webcam and microphone connect you to a game room, where a croupier and assistant set up a game. You place the bets, and the game plays out as if you were there. This kind of game perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a real casino.

These games cannot be played in test mode, like the slots. They can only be played for real money. Also, in many cases, the live games have a higher RTP


RTP is another very important factor of casino gameplay. RTP means return to player. The higher this number is, the less cash the site keeps for itself. By default, all gambling websites keep some part of the money for themselves, so they all have RTPs lower than 1. The best websites have an RTP of 95-96%.

The RTP also varies with different games. Slots as a rule have lower RTP, since they are totally dependent on random number generation. Games like blackjack also require some skill from the player, and an expert in this game will be able to tip the scales in his favor. If you are an experienced player, then be sure to find a casino with live blackjack or poker – this will make it possible to earn much more money.

Sports betting has the best RTP of all games, but it requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Horse racing, football betting and similar sports can become very profitable if you are an experienced bettor. However, to get a good winning probability, you will have to follow the teams and collect info on them that will make it possible to predict the outcome.

The best casinos on our casino list have both online gambling with high RTP and sports betting available.


This is another very important aspect of all online casinos. If a casino is not licensed properly, then it may be hard to get refunds. The more reliable the licensing is, the less likely is it that you will be maltreated or scammed. The best and most reliable licenses are the Malta and Curacao licenses. Gibraltar Licensing and Kahnawake are also good licenses that are only give to casinos with a good track record.

Together with licensing you should look at the creation date for the site you are considering. The older a website is, the better the chance is that it will be a reliable one.

Also, make sure that gambling is legal in your country. Licensed casinos are not permitted to work in countries where online betting is prohibited. All the gambling websites on our casino list have good licensing.


This is a very hot topic with almost every gambler. A bonus is usually used to attract new players to a casino, but they also provide a very enjoyable and profitable way of getting extra cash.

Bonuses are split into different categories, which we will list below

  • Welcome bonus: this one is granted to players when they just join the website. This prize is meant to attract new gamblers. You will be able to get a small amount of bonus cash or freespins just for signing up. However this is almost always a tiny bonus/
  • First deposit bonus. This is a prize awarded for making your first deposit into the casino. It usually amounts to 50-100 percent of you deposit in the form of bonus money. On the best casinos you also get a large number of freespins. Some sites offer bonuses on the first two deposits.
  • Reload bonus: this is a monthly or weekly prize that is awarded to active players. Usually it is a small percentage of the cash you deposited or wagered during the month. This bonus gives players a good reason to stay active
  • VIP program: this is a whole system of bonuses. Only the best casinos have a VIP program. It offers prizes for achieving certain things, like depositing a certain sum or wagering a lot. A player that collects all the achievements usually gets some exciting prize, like a large sum of money or even a car.
  • Referral bonus: this prize may be granted to you if the casino has a referral program. This means, you will get money or freespins for each player you invite to the website. This is usually a very reliable way of getting extra money without wagering any of your own.

You are advised to collect as many bonuses as you can, since this makes it possible to get a lot of free cash from the casino.

Bonus codes

1xSlots Casinos
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RocketPlay Casinos
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JVSpin Casinos
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You may also find bonus codes on sites that give descriptions of casinos. A bonus code makes it possible to obtain a prize from a casino, such as a small amount of bonus cash or some free spins. Bonus codes are often found at sites that promote casinos, or on forums about online gambling. On some casinos you will not be able to get the bonuses without a code, so it is advised that you seek them out.

Mobile gaming

You should look for sites with a mobile app if you are planning to use it with a smartphone. Some casinos work only on PC. On a PC gambling is usually easier, and more games will work well. Nonetheless, lots of people have switched to only mobile devices, and in order to work with them, many good casinos have developed mobile apps, with versions of games that will work on Android and iOS devices.

However, you should look for casinos that have well-made smartphone apps. Some games may be difficult to port onto an Android device, so not all casinos have good mobile versions.

A good mobile casino will provide you all the same functions and abilities as a PC website. Some casinos have apps, and some have a website optimized for mobile performance. Whichever method you want to use, make sure that the games perform well.

Payment methods

The best casinos on our casino list feature lots of payment methods. There are lots of ways to refill your balance on a gambling site, and each different route has its pros and cons.

We will display the unique feature of each method below, in a table:

  • Cryptocurrency – By far the safest method. Cryptocurrency makes it possible to make all your transactions anonymous, and none of your personal data will ever be leaked. However, this method does not work with all casinos.
  • Electronic wallet – A very swift payment method. The money from an electronic wallet will get credited to your casino balance in seconds. However, they have less privacy than crypto.
  • Debit cards – This method is the most popular and widely used, since almost everyone has a debit or credit card. This method is not as safe as cryptocurrency, however, if your website features SSL encryption, then you may use it without risk.
  • Bank wire transfer – This is the best way for transferring large sums of money to your casino, since it has a very low commission in most cases. However, its downside is the slow transfer time.


The best casinos in our list feature all four methods of transfer.


Reviews are the most reliable way of knowing if a casino is really worth playing. If a website is deceiving its players, then you will immediately be able to find bad reviews about it. On the contrary, if a website has been operating for a long time, and has been working well, then you will find lots of good reviews.

Check for reviews on multiple platforms to make sure you are getting an honest opinion. When reading reviews, pay attention at the pros and cons of each site. Some casinos have a very good RTP, but boring games or poor design. Others may have a good support team, or a variety of sports bets. This will help you select which casino you would want to select.


Using our casinos list you will be able to find the best websites, and select from them the ones that fit you the best. If you stay vigilant and keep learning from the best gamblers, you will be sure to not only get lots of fun from gambling, but also win quite a large profit from these online casinos.


Which payment method to use?

This depends on your preferences in security. If you are not too worried about it, then you can use electronic wallets or debit cards, which are very swift. And if you wish to keep your gambling totally anonymous, then cryptocurrency is the way to go.

Is online gambling legal for me?

In order to make sure of that, check the local laws of your country. In Canada online gambling is totally legal, and there are no laws stopping you from claiming bonuses either.

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Are casinos safe?

Yes, especially if you follow a few guidelines. Maintain a budget, and try not to spend too much money at one time. Do not play games that you are not experienced in, and also try to gather as many bonuses as you can. Follow these rules, and you will not lose money on an online casino.

How to profit from sports betting?

In order to make sports betting profitable, you will need to have accurate predictions. This predictions are commonly bought from experienced players. Once you become a successful bettor, you will be able to personally predict the outcome of matches.

Can gambling be profitable?

This depends on the type of gambling. Slot machines are made to return more money to the casino, so it is hard to get a real income with them. Games like blackjack and poker, however, depend more on your skill, so you will be able to get a small profit from this. However the really big wins usually come from sports betting, since here you will be able to predict the outcome reliably.

Casinos List