Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses in casinos – is one of the working options for encouraging players. And it is worth saying that this very option is quite effective. Cashback bonuses are loved by both beginners and professionals. We suggest you take a closer look at this type of bonuses and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go!


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Casino cashback: play for free

Well, we should start with the fact that cashback is one of the most convenient casino bonuses for the player. Why so? Well, the thing is that the player doesn’t even have to do anything to get this bonus (this is almost always true). For a deposit bonus, for example, a player has to deposit a certain sum of money in his account; no deposit bonuses are often notorious (they can be very hard to wager due to crazy sums and very little time given), for VIP and loyalty program bonuses player needs to become a senior or something like that. Cashback in almost all good Canadian casinos is given to all players. You do not even need to do anything to get it: just register (well, sometimes you also need to procced through the KYS-system, but if you want to play in a «bona fide» mode in popular Canadian casino, you may not worry since your personal information will not fall into the hands of criminals) and play.

Of course, a small element of unfairness is still present here. The size of your cashback depends on how loyal and devoted you are to the this very casino. This can be expressed in many ways. Maybe you’re used to making big bets, and the admins took note of you: began issuing personal, increased bonuses. Maybe you’re a programmer or just have a good understanding of the code, and helped the casino administration solve any local problems related to the performance of the site. There really can be many variations.

Usually for newbies the cashback bonus is 1 to 10 percent, but there are exceptions. Some casinos in Canada offer increased cashback to their players on certain days. These are usually national or just significant holidays. We researched some large and responsible gaming houses in Canada with licenses from Kahnawake or Malta, and here are what holiday bonuses we were able to find:

  • Christmas Day (December 25) – up to 20% cashback on slot machine games from NetEnt and Microgaming.
  • National Day of Quebec (June 24) – up to 10% cashback on any game.
  • Halloween (October 31) – up to 10% cashback on any game.
  • Boxing Day (December 26) – up to 30% cashback on slot machines from any developers.
  • New Year (January 1) – up to 20% cashback on Playtech slot-machines.

In fact, if you look around the casino well, you can find many different, tasty bonuses.

By the way, all of these bonuses that are offered to players on special days usually add up to those that the customer already has. So, if you’re a VIP, your cashback on these days can reach as much as 80% – a great time to hit the jackpot, isn’t it?

But not all casinos are that generous. Some gambling houses have such a policy not to sum up the existing bonuses. Usually such casinos don’t have a lot of money, or they are just brand new. For them giving each bonus to the player is like to spend a ton of gold somewhere, so such casinos award players very selectively and methodically.

But in general, the cashback bonuses in each casino are activated completely differently. In some institutions it comes to the account instantly, some issued as a special coupon code, the unique numbers of which must be entered on the casino page. To make it easier to understand how this system works, here is an example from a large and credible Canadian casino:

To receive the special promotion, the visitor must create an account by completing a simple registration. The prize is activated automatically after depositing a minimum of 20 Canadian dollars into the account.

#Online casinoCasino ratingWelcomeNo-depositDevicesREGISTRATION
1500€ + 150 FS deposit bonus
Play now
150% up to €2000 deposit bonus
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150% up to €300 deposit bonus
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Refund of spent money are usually credited on Fridays in points, which can be immediately exchanged for real funds. Player also may continue to accumulate them if he wants so. The credited amount varies greatly depending on the number of deposits, payouts, and funds remaining in the account at the time the refund is calculated. No promo codes are required here.

To receive your cashback, you need to go to your personal cabinet and under “Balance” select the points exchange point. In the field that opens, enter the total number of available points, which will be automatically converted into Canadian Dollars at the rate appropriate to the user’s status.

This special offer is unique in that it does not depend on the wager. The received money can be withdrawn to a personal account in accordance with the rules of financial policy or spent back in the casino.

By the way, we almost forgot to mention that cashback can be different. It can be credited to the account after each loss of the user (as a consolation prize), and can come after funding the account. Usually the first option is more common than the second. In order for the cashback to come after recharging your account at a gambling establishment, you are usually required to deposit money from a particular payment system. It can be almost anything: bank cards from international systems (Visa, MasterCard), some completely anonymous electronic payment systems (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal) and even cryptocurrency. Yes, as surprising as it may sound, but many casinos are now quite willing to accept cryptocurrency as a means of depositing a purse, and even ready to accrue bonuses to the client for it. Bitcoin is especially popular in casinos, and no wonder why. Bitcoin, despite its great volatility in recent times, still remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the entire financial market. It has a huge history and great trust among many people. While we were researching casinos in Canada, we also noted that quite often gaming establishments give their players bonuses if they fund their accounts with ETH (Ethereum). This is the second most expanded and sought-after cryptocurrency, so that take is also quite logical and justified. But what about other altcoins? Well, they are not very popular. In some casinos, of course, you may well be given cashback bonuses if you fund your account with some conventional DOGE (Dogecoin) or RVN (Ravencoin) currencies, but such cases are pretty rare to be honest.

As with cashback, which is given out after you lose, the deposit cashback is mostly calculated individually. Its size is tied to the user’s account. If the player’s rating is high, then the cashback will be higher.

Similarities between cashback and other bonuses

Cashback, despite the peculiarities of receipt, is still one of the bonuses of the casino with all the resulting features. Typically, the casino does not allow the player to withdraw cashback from the account immediately – it is necessary to meet all the necessary conditions before. Wager it, for example.

Speaking of wagering: all rules also apply to cashback. That is, most often when a player receives a cashback, gets a notification about it, he cannot just withdraw his bonus from the account immediately. He needs to spin it in the games that the casino will offer. It could be literally everything, but most often Canadian casinos ask the user to wager the bonus received in slots, as they see such arcade machines as the most practical and convenient method to do so. The amount of the wager can be quite different, but it is fair to say that the high status of the player in the gaming establishment will make the X-number as pleasant and convenient as possible. So that it can be won back quickly enough and without any serious troubles. If you get cashback being a regular, or even VIP player, most often it will be about 10-15%, which is not insignificant. For players of such rank cashback received after the deposit is usually credited in currency. About 15-20 Canadian dollars.

Aaand… Wagering deadlines. Yes, that phrase causes sadness and dissatisfaction to many people. Unfortunately, almost every casino has a limited wagering period for cashback bonuses. They can be completely different. In some cases, it may be a few weeks, in some cases a few days, and sometimes even a few hours. Usually we are speaking about few days. Operators of the casinos knows that short-term bonuses are difficult to wager, so they prefer to not overdo with them. Such a short time for the realization of a cashback bonus is given only in exceptional cases. For example, as part of any promotional events. Distribution of such bonus was noticed in one rather good Canadian casino on December 26 – Boxing Day. Then all visitors with verified VIP status were given a bonus of 30% to play slots machines from any developer. On that day, the player could receive his promotion really anywhere – In his favorite games. It does not matter if it was old games like Crazy Monkey or Lucky Haunter or newer ones like The Dog House, Midas Gold and others.

By the way, cashback bonuses also sometimes refer to weekly bonuses. Let’s talk about them.

1xSlots Casinos
150 free Spins

RocketPlay Casinos
20 free spins

JVSpin Casinos
200 Free Spins

Weekly Refunds

In case the last week was not entirely successful for you and you suffered some losses, you can return a part of deposits that were made earlier. Gambling clubs often gives players the opportunity of a second chance every week, and returns a certain portion of the funds back into the gaming account, which allows you to increase the chance of winning.

Usually weekly refund applies on Fridays, taking into account the results of week activity. Cashback in this case often returns not in kale, but in points, which you can almost immediately exchange for real money. The player also has the right to accumulate his scores to multiply the counter in some games.

Weekly bonus is accrued according to the following parameters:

  • Cash refunds are made in the percentage range of 5-30%.
  • Accrual of bonuses occurs in the form of sums of money or points.
  • The refund procedure is carried out every week on Friday (usually).
  • The points are limited to a set period of validity of one year.
  • The amount of the cashback is immediately updated when you make bets.

Regardless of what the outcome of the game was, points are still awarded for all bets. When winning, the gamer is given bonus bonuses that can increase the balance by several times. When losing, the user still has a chance to make a profit and win the game.

A few words about the license and the choice of casino

So, let’s assume that you have found a suitable gambling establishment (by yourself or on the advice of friends – not so important), and are already going to play in it. But you suddenly get a feeling that something is wrong. That you missed something.

Yes, you really probably missed – before you start playing somewhere, you need to study what kind casino can offer the player: how long it operates, and how it treats visitors. Just remember to study the license. Canadian casinos usually use a license such as Kahnawake or Malta, and they are good licenses.


Basically, any license obtained from the official gambling community is good: this includes the British license, and the Curacao license, and even the Isle of Man (one of the first licenses ever – It was given legal jurisdiction as far back as 1962).

The only thing worth mentioning is the Curaçao license. It is the easiest to get it out of all the above, because the aggregators have minimal requirements for the gaming establishment. It often happens that the Curacao license is obtained by scammer casinos, or such casinos, which hold unlicensed games. “What’s wrong with unofficial gaming,” you ask? Well, the RTP – that is. The winning percentage in them can be heavily tweaked, and far from in the player’s favor. Licensed games are programmed strictly to give the player between 95 and 99 (some even 99.5%) of the money back at a distance. If the percentage is less than 90, the player will simply lose his money when playing these machines. Always pay attention to both the license and the game that the casino offers. Also pay attention to the lock icon in the upper left (on most browsers) corner of the site. If you click on it, you can see detailed information about the domain where the site is registered. It will also tell you if the web page you are on now is protected by end-to-end encryption.

This is pretty much how normal casinos are selected. Search, play and have fun!

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