Bonus Codes

Bonus codes that are given without a deposit are a great option to start your immersion into the world of gambling at Canada’s best casinos. A no deposit bonus is usually representing as a freebet of a certain amount. The main and unambiguous advantage of such bonuses for the user is the ability to play for free.

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As a rule, it is very easy to get such bonuses. In many casinos, it will be sufficient to simply go through the registration process and confirm your account via email. Sometimes it is required to give additional information yourself: phone number, passport information, etc. Not all casinos require such information, but some do. The organization needs all this information in order to determine your age. This is almost always the main and only reason why the casino asks you this at all. In some cases though, personal information may help the casino administration protect your account and quickly return it to its rightful owner in the event of a hack by an intruder.

What are the benefits of these bonuses

This is quite obvious, but we still need to remind you a one thing: a player with a no deposit bonus will not lose anything in the process of playing. He just plays for free. Of course, we do have numerous nuances here. Like for example, In order to get any kind of casino bonus at all, you have to strictly comply with all the requirements that it imposes on you. These can vary widely, but more often than not the administration will ask you for your personal details. That’s about the general requirements, but there are also gambling requirements. We will talk about them a little further.

Are there any cool bonus codes for Canadians exactly

You may be surprised, but yes there are. They vary from gaming house to gaming house, both niches and tops. They are completely different. To make it easier to understand how they differ, here’s a visual table with many bonuses exclusively at Canadian casinos:

Type of bonus – Requirement of bonus code

Free no deposit bonus of 7 CAD – No

25-50 freespins – No

From 10 to 100 points in various games – Bonus code is required and you can check with the administration about conditions and how to get it

Codes for mobile device players

Don’t worry, fans of hanging out at casinos from mobile devices, operators of many casinos understand, and do everything possible to improve your gaming experience. Many casinos in Canada encourage players from Android and iOS devices by giving them various bonus codes and generous rewards.

How to find a casino with good bonus codes

Choosing a casino can sometimes be a really difficult task. The reason lies in the myriad of factors that a player should pay attention to. All novice players, before starting to play anywhere, should read the casino rules, which are listed on the website of the gambling house. Well, let’s study the most important things to consider when choosing a particular casino.


No deposit bonus100 Free spins
Welcome bonus1500€ + 150 FS
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No deposit bonus50 Free Spins
Welcome bonus150% up to €2000
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Fresh Casino

No deposit bonus50 Free Spins
Welcome bonus150% up to €300
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Sol Casino

No deposit bonus50 Free spins
Welcome bonus150% up to €1500
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1xSlots Casino

No deposit bonus100 Free Spins
Welcome bonus1500€ + 150 FS
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Pledoo Сasino

No deposit bonusn/a
Welcome bonus100% up to €200
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No deposit bonusn/a
Welcome bonus250% up to $600
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PlayFortuna Casino

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The license

Probably one of the most important factors. Every good casino in Canada must have a license that will allow gambling activities. Find detailed information about the license can usually be found on the casino website. It is usually located in a dedicated, separate section. If you can’t find it – contact support and they will help you. The best gaming license for Canadian casinos is the Maltese and Quebec (Kanawake) licenses. If you suspect something wrong – feel free to file a complaint to the authority that gave the license to this very gaming house.

The Curaçao licence, on the other hand, is far from straightforward. The bottom line is that many casino operators with this licence have been caught out in tricks and outright cheating on players. This is mainly due to the fact that the Curaçao gaming license is not subject to government authorities. The control is overseen by various aggregators.

Crypto operations

Bitcoin casinos are a popular type of casino these days. Generally speaking, it is hard to imagine the whole modern world without the participation of cryptocurrency in it. Good Canadian casinos are also used to following global trends, so they offer their players lucrative cryptocurrency deposits.

Of course, this is not without its downsides. Cryptocurrency (especially as of 2022) is very, very volatile. Bitcoin has recently “bottomed out” in terms of price. It has never been this cheap in the last few years, and there is no telling that it will get more expensive.

Depositing and withdrawing in cryptocurrency is an option for truly brave people. The point here lies in the volatility. A player, if he is unlucky, can simply lose a lot of money on withdrawals or deposits into his wallet on a gaming site.

All the bonus promotions that apply to regular currency also apply to cryptocurrency. There is not much difference, except that one has to be extremely careful not to lose money.

Depositing process and withdrawal procedure

The second most important point when choosing a casino is the withdrawal. It’s no secret that it varies in each casino in Canada. Usually in good institutions, the withdrawal can be made on many payment systems, but especially popular among them are Neteller and Skrill. This is actually quite a good reason. Both Neteller and Skrill concerned about the safety of the user, so transfers in almost all cases are anonymous. Withdraw with these systems is also pretty convenient – there are often no commissions at all. If you see that the casino prefers these two payment systems, then, most likely, it can be trusted. Don’t worry and have fun playing there!


Bonus Codes Casino | The Best Promotions

The main subject of our conversation today. One of the most common and effective ways to attract an audience to a casino is to provide them with lucrative promotional bonuses. Never forget to specify the terms of bonus promotions, because in some cases they can be very, very short. Often, the period during which you can take advantage of the bonuses does not exceed a couple of days.

Is it worth to try no deposit bonus codes without registration

In general, it’s quite a controversial question. The fact is that some online casinos in Canada (we do not judge now on their integrity and good faith, alright?) provide their new players with bonuses without asking any data. Yeah, that’s it. There is just no KYS procedure at all. Of course, such casinos may turn out to be decent and conscientious, but they can also easily scam you.

For what purpose do casinos give these codes to players

As we mentioned above, the main purpose is to attract new players to the casino. But this is not the only purpose. Many casinos aim to turn newcomers into regular guests. To be clearer, what the casino is thinking when it gives bonuses to the player:

  • The casino waits until the user registers on the site and activates his bonus code, which he received a separate message by e-mail or phone (or whatever he or she gave to the administration).
  • The user activates the received promo code and uses it to play the slots or games he wants.
  • As soon as the player wants to withdraw the funds, he will need to replenish the account (a practical prerequisite in all casinos), so he begins to wag the wager.
  • Finally, the casino sees a satisfied and happy player who has made money easily. The owners of the gambling establishment are sure that he will come back again and again to play at their place. That was the main goal.

No deposit bonus codes are beneficial to both the casino and the player. A person can simply go through the registration procedure, specify all the data about himself, which will require this exact gaming house or casino and immediately start playing. All players adore this approach, because it allows them to fully evaluate the gaming site, its functionality and features, and only then start playing with their hard-earned money.

What are the options for wagering the codes

It is no secret that, like many other casino bonuses, you cannot withdraw the gift from the promo code immediately. In order for a player to get his money, he will need to play at the casino beforehand. Wagering conditions are set by the casino, but they are usually the following:

Wager – The amount can be quite different. To denote it, use X + number. For example, the player wants to play blackjack at the online casino, and next to the game on the site should appear a small window (or any other notice) with this number. If it is, for example, x20, then the player will need to put the denomination at least 20 times to get the bonus. It’s worth saying that any wager up to x40 is considered adequate and normal. With wager up to x40, on the assurance of experienced gamblers, it is real even to win back in the plus. But here you need to choose the right slot machine or e-game.

Time limit – The casino may give the player a certain amount of time to wager the bonus. If you don’t manage to do it in the allotted time, the bonus from the promo code will simply disappear.

Restrictions on the withdrawal of money from the no deposit – This condition, along with the wager, occurs most often. The essence is that the player cannot withdraw more money than he is allowed by the system. Restrictions may vary, but in many Canadian casinos, this amount is usually limited to 25 Canadian dollars. But in reality, these numbers vary greatly. For more information, read it on the casino page.

The pros and cons

Despite the really large number of different benefits of bonus codes that are given to the player without a deposit, they do have significant disadvantages. To summarise this article, we’d like to tell you exactly what it is about bonus codes that can put you off and why:

No deposit bonus codes allow you to play without investing, which is ideal for newcomers or fearful, cautious players – the money is not withdrawable until all the conditions that the casino places on the player are met.

You can really win with deposit bonus codes – you can win, but not very much, because some casinos artificially limit the maximum amount you can win.

Ability to explore the casino – Sometimes in order to unscrew the wager the player will need to deposit money into the casino.

#Online casinoCasino ratingWelcomeNo-depositDevicesREGISTRATION
1500€ + 150 FS deposit bonus
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150% up to €2000 deposit bonus
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150% up to €300 deposit bonus
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150% up to €1500 deposit bonus
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1500€ + 150 FS deposit bonus
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Why casino may not allow withdrawal

The administration of the casino may refuse the player to withdraw both the bonus and the money he has won under certain conditions. If the casino admins find out, for example, that a person has a second account, they will not allow him to withdraw the money and will (in most normal casinos in Canada) immediately block him. Such people are often called bonus-hunters. That is, people who want as many different no deposit bonuses as possible. Also, a casino may deny a player to cash out, if, for example, he refuses to provide his data upon request and undergo the KYS procedure.

There is also a rather controversial and rare practice (but nevertheless, such cases do occur), when a casino prohibits withdrawal to a player, who has exceeded the maximum wagering limit when wagering the deposit.

Don’t be afraid to contact the support team at the casino, it’s okay to appear awkward and uncomfortable. The support team must help each user with their particular problem.

You can contact the support team by telephone number, by email or via live chat, which is available on the website itself. Each user will choose the option that suits him or her best, but we personally advise communicating about problems with bonuses in live chat. Support workers here answers ASAP. If they can’t help you properly, you’ll simply be redirected to a senior admin.

Always remember that gambling should first and foremost be fun. Don’t allow yourself to gamble in casinos 24 hours a day – If you lose, just accept defeat and come back next time. The possibility of wagering at some Canadian casinos without a deposit hints to players that they should relax and unwind while they are within the walls of the gambling establishment.

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